Pizza Ovens Refractory Castable Cement

refractory castable

Refractory Castable Cement

Price: $45 per 25kg bag
This stainless steel fibre re-enforced refractory castable cement is designed for the making of pizza oven domes, barbecues, furnaces and similar cooking appliances where the storage of heat is necessary.

When building a brick oven, It is also used as a filler for gaps superior to 3 mm.
The formula for this product has been created solely for the casting of wood fired pizza ovens, barbecues and similar cooking appliances and is the only purpose made product on the market today.

Refractory castable cement for the making of pizza oven with new formula mix to improve the life and strength of wood fired pizza ovens.
This technology uses in addition to the formula, stainless steel reinforcing needles to improve thermal shock and mechanical shock resistance.
It also helps control cracking, improve cohesion and strength of the refractory castable cement.

Refractory Castable Cement Specifications

Refractory castable has high density and low porosity.
Bulk density: 2.2~2.3 g/cm3
Al2O3:≥ 52%
SiO2:≤ 40%
Fe2O3:≤ 2%
Refractoriness: 1730℃
Cold Crushing strength:
110℃×24 hour: 40 Mpa
1100℃×3 hour: 50 Mpa
Modulus of rupture:
– 110℃×24 hour: 5~7 Mpa
– 1100℃×3 hour: 7~9 Mpa
Permanent linear change:
– 1100℃×3 hour: ≤ -0.3
Nominal shelf life: 6 months
Water usage: 12~14%
Installation method: Casting
Maximum working temperature: 1350℃

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