Pizza Peels /Pizza Paddles

Gourmet Wood Fired Ovens range of pizza peels and paddles offered a wide range size, shape and finish to suit all wood ovens and clients need.

Aluminium Pizza Peels

Aluminum Pizza PeelAluminum pizza peel with wood handle, rectangle blade.
size: 900 x 350 x 300 mm Price: $35
size: 1250 x 230 x 270 mm Price: $45

Aluminum pizza peel with wood handle, round blade.

pizza paddle and peel
size: 250 mm Ø x 813 mm Price: $25
size: 305 mm Ø x 870 mm Price: $30

Wooden Peel Paddle:

Size O.L. 558 x Paddle (355 x 305) mm Price: $35wood fired oven wooden peel
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4 wooden paddles + 1 Cutter: $ 110
6 wooden paddles: $ 159
Very handy to prepare the pizza and serve.