Refractory Materials

Pizza Oven Refractory and Materials

Gourmet Wood Fired Pizza Ovens has a range of refractory materials specifically designed for the building of pizza ovens, barbecues or similar cooking applications.

Refractory Materials

Two types of refractory materials are needed to build wood fired ovens; dense refractory and insulating ceramic fibre or refractory insulation.
For the cooking base (floor), main chamber and the entry should be made of dense refractory cement such as firebricks and castable concrete or castable cement for hot face backed or wrapped with refractory insulating fibre.
These two types of refractory have to be used together; the dense refractory is needed to retain the heat and the refractory insulation will reflect it.
By doing so you will be able to:

  • Maintain integrity and strength of the oven
  • Withstand the high temperature and thermal change from hot to cold. (Thermal cycles)
  • Resistance to thermal stress created by thermal expansion of the materials expanding or shirking under extreme heat variations.
  • Resistance to thermal shock when temperature changes too rapidly cracking occurs.
  • Maintain and balance the right thermal conductivity, with hot face refractory / dense refractory with high thermal conductivity so it can absorb and hold the heat against the low conductivity of the ceramic insulation / refractory fibre that needs to reflect it.
  • Manage suitable cooking temperatures ( fast heating up time of the oven and also a longer cooking time)

Refractory Ceramic Insulation

refractory insulation fibreRange of selected ceramic insulation materials.

Gourmet Wood Fired Ovens ceramic insulation materials are lightweight resilient material with low heat storage, low thermal conductivity and excellent thermal shock resistance which makes them suitable for many applications.
These insulating materials exhibit thermal stability at high temperatures (up to 1260°C) and superior corrosion resistance.
Ceramic fibre is also made into a comprehensive range of items including

Pizza Oven Insulating Render heat proof render mixed with refractory fibre used for the final rendering of the oven chamber for maximal efficiency, strength and long lasting.

Refractory Cements

refractory cementRange of our denserefractory cements
Castable refractory cement is designed for building pizza oven domes or similar projects by pouring method or shaping by hand following a pattern. It can also be used as a filler.
Refractory mortar is used for joining firebricks when the joint are 1 to 3 mm thickness.

Refractory Bricks / Firebricks

refractory firebrick Firebricks range of refractory bricks for pizza ovens domes and cooking base, also used for lining barbecues and similar cooking applications.

Pizza Oven Flue Kits

We also supply pizza oven flue kitflue kits, flues, cowls, elbows and chimneys for pizza oven and wood stove installations

Fibre Cement Board

Fibre cement board for pizza oven baseCompressed fiber cement board