Ceramic Fibre Blanket

Ceramic Fibre Blanket / Insulation blanket

Price: $80 per roll
Size: 600mm wide x 25mm thick x 3600mm long
ceramic fibre blanket
These double needled insulation blankets are lightweight, flexible; made of fibres interlocked to form a strong, resilient material, they are extremely efficient insulators with low heat storage capacity and complete resistance to thermal shock.

When building a pizza ovens it is all about insulation, the more the better; it reduces the heating up time and retains the heat for a longer cooking time.
Insulation under the cooking base prevent the heat transferring onto the slab and the insulation of the dome help retaining the heat inside the oven.

Ceramic fibre Blanket Characteristics

  • Excellent thermal and physical stability up to 1260ºC
  • Low thermal conductivity, low thermal capacity.
  • Light weight with high resiliency
  • High thermal insulation and good thermal shock resistance.
  • Excellent sound absorption.
  • Fire protection and chemical corrosion resistance.
  • Excellent cold handling strength

Ceramic fibre Blanket Applications

  • Domestic cooking and heating applications such as wood stove heaters, ovens, pizza ovens, barbecues and similar cooking applications.
  •  Roller kiln, tunnel kiln, shuttle kiln, and other kilns
  • Industrial furnaces, heating equipment and high temperature pipelines.
  • Thermal insulation material for electric power boiler, turbo machine,  power plant.
  • Wall liners for high temperature reaction equipment and heating equipment in chemical industry.
  • Heat insulation of furnace doors and head covers.
  • Fireproofing and heat insulation in high buildings.
  • High temperature filtering materials

Ceramic fibre Blanket Specifications

Classification temperature: 1260℃
Working temperature:  ≤1050℃
Color: Pure white
Bulk density: (kg/m3) 96
Thermal conductivity (w/m.k)
Tensile strength (MPa) 0.06~0.10
Chemical composition (%)
AL2O3: 46%
AL2O3+SIO2: 97%
Fe2O3: <1.0%
Na2O+K2O  ≤0.5%

Note: Extra layers of blanket or base insulation will increase the efficiency of the oven (faster heating up time and a longer cooking time), this is recommended for commercial uses.

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