Ceramic Fibre Paper

Ceramic Fibre Paper / Insulation Paper

Price: $80 per 1000 mm
Size: 1000 long x 1220 wide x 6 mm thick
ceramic fibre paper
Ceramic fiber paper is made from ceramic fibers bonded with a low percentage of organic binder; It has excellent thermal insulation properties and good handling characteristics.

Ceramic fibre paper characteristics

  • Low thermal conductivity and Low thermal capacity
  • Good thermal shock resistance
  • Flexible and tearing resistance
  • No asbestos and anti-corrosive
  • Good electric and sound insulation
  • Good mechanical working performance
  • Resistance to erosion and good electric insulation.

Ceramic Fibre Paper Applications

  • Domestic cooking and heating applications such as wood stove heaters, ovens, pizza ovens, barbecues and similar cooking applications.
  • Asbestos paper replacement Industrial Insulating.
  • Sealing and protecting materials.
  • Electric and thermal insulation materials for electric industry.
  • Insulation materials for instrument-equipment.
  • Filling materials for expansion slot.
  • Thermal insulating and lining for high temperature places.

The  ceramic fibre insulation paper is compressed to a thickness of 6 mm with high density making it an ideal base to lay the clay brick cooking base. It eliminates the problems of spongy and uneven cooking floors, loose fibers and maximizes heat retention in your cooking base.

Ceramic Paper Fibre Specifications

Classification Temperature: 1260℃
Bulk density: 210 kg/M3
Tensile strength: ≥0.3Mpa
Organic content: ≤6%
Chemical composition:
AL2O3: 45-46%
SiO2: 51-52%
Fe2O3: ≤1.2
Working temperature: 1050℃
Size: 1220 mm wide × 6 mm thick
Note: Extra layers of base insulation will increase the efficiency of the oven (faster heating up time and a longer cooking time), this is recommended for commercial uses.

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