Fibre Cement Board

Fibre cement board for pizza oven base – outdoor kitchen

Fibre Cement Board

Cement Fibre Board Applications:

  • Pizza ovens bases and outdoor kitchen benches
  • Outdoor and indoor kitchens
  • Bench tops and splashbacks that can be tiled.
  • Flooring
  • And much more

Cement Fibre Board Characteristics:

  • The cement fibre board has excellent heat insulation properties; it is fire resistant with lower thermal conductivity for better heat insulation.
  • Water and moisture proof: an ideal material for interior partition walls of kitchens, washing rooms and so on and also for exterior walls.
  • Environmental friendly material Non-asbestos and no formaldehyde; No poison gas or radiation produced during using.
  • Can be used as wall or barrier to satisfy the requirement of sound insulation.
  • Easy to cut and installed.
  • A good ability to absorbs shock and high strength.
  • Light weight and high strength, high density.
  • Bug resistant.
  • Long term performance.

Cement fibre boards size:

2440 x1220 x20mm $245
1650 x1220 x20mm $190
1350 x1220 x20mm $170
1090 x1220 x20mm $150
790 x1220 x20mm $ 120

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