Flue Kits, Cowls, Chimney

Flue Kits, Cowls, Chimney

A flue that is too short will not draw sufficient air to enable proper combustion.
The flue should extend 1 meter above roof penetration for the smoke to disperse well or 600 mm above the roof ridge.
Our flues and stainless steel products are made in WA from quality 304 steel.

Flue pipes – Flue Kits

Flue extension pipe Range of flue pipes and flue kits for chimney, stove and pizza ovens.
* Stainless flue extension
* Powder coated flue pipe
* Enamel flue pipe
* Galvanised flue pipe for flue insulation or skin pipe.
* Flue insulated kits ( flue pipe insulated with 2 galvanised skins)

Flue with hat cowl

flue with china hat cowl
Locally made stainless flue with china hat cowl
Size: 1006 x 150 mm Ø

Elbow Flue

Elbow Flue45% angle stainless flue-elbows come in 2 pieces.
Used to redirect the flue.
Size: 530 high x 150 mm Ø


Flue Adapter

flue adapterStainless flue adapter to use for joining.


Cowl China hat – Venturi cowl

Our cowl china hat – venturi cowl range is made in Australia from quality 304 stainless steel.
The venturi cowl is design to encourage the smoke  traveling vertically, giving it a better chance of being dispersed.
Available with or without outer ring to fit extra skin.china hat cowl and venturi

Our cowl range includes:

  • Traditional china hat cowl.
  • Venturi cowl WA design.

Ceiling plate

ceiling-plateRange of ceiling plate is made in WA.

  • Stainless steel ceiling plate to fit single flue.
  • Powder coated ceiling plate that will hold the 2 skin pipes of 200 and 250 mm Ø plus the 150 mm Ø flue Stainless steel.


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