Refractory Mortar

Pizza Oven Refractory Mortar

Refractory Mortar: $75 per 25 kg bag
refractory mortar
When building a brick oven it is important to use the right mortar, normal brickies mortar won’t hold the heat and so cannot be used without compromising the oven qualities. You need refractory mortar.
Our refractory mortar is specifically designed to withstand the high temperatures of the oven and the heat variations.
It is used for thin joints under 3 mm thick when building a brick oven.

Refractory Mortar Specifications:

Mortar 42 AM (Air-Setting, Dry Type)
Service Temperature:1100°C
Al2O3 Content: 42.2%
Silica(SiO2): 53.2%
Iron Oxide(Fe2O3): 2.0%
Per 1,000 pcs 9’’ Standard Brick Equivalent Thinly Troweled Joints (Kg 150-200)

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