Why Gourmet Ovens?

Australian Made Gourmet Pizza Ovens

Why Gourmet Wood Fired Ovens?

Gourmet Woodfired Ovens is a Western Australian manufacturer of traditional wood fired ovens.
These are handcrafted using the latest refractory materials to guarantee quality, effectiveness and durability.
Our showroom is located 1078 Beaufort St Bedford 6052 WA

Our refractory producer is a global leader in refractory technology and by using advanced engineering refractory formula for the making of the ovens, we can guarantee an affordable but sophisticated wood fired oven for the domestic market with the quality offered in commercial models. The refractory materials used have a working temperature of 1350°C.
The dome castable mix is a proven formula that Gourmet Wood Fired Ovens has been using for the manufacturing of our wood fired pizza oven range. The formula for the refractory mix has been created solely for the casting of wood fired pizza ovens and is the only purpose made product on the market today.
This technology uses in addition to the formula, stainless steel reinforcing needles to improve thermal shock and mechanical shock resistance. It also helps control cracking, improve cohesion and strength of the refractory castable cement.

The dome insulation blanket is a ceramic fiber blanket that keeps the oven hot inside and cold outside also to reduces the heating time and improves the heat retention for longer and more efficient cooking.
Note that one extra layer of blanket will increase the efficiency of the oven for a longer cooking time for commercial purposes.

Firebricks for pizza oven dome and cooking base:
The cooking base is one of the most important parts of the oven. These firebricks are designed to store the maximum amount of heat, releasing it as needed. Using 230x114x32mn deep cooking bricks with insulation under it ensures continuous effective cooking of the pizza base. These clay refractory bricks are 100% safe for cooking directly on.

New cooking base insulation
Gourmet Wood fired Ovens are continuously looking for ways to improve our ovens and their performance and we have just imported the latest insulation to insulate the base of your oven. This High Tech High Density insulation keeps the firebrick cooking base from loosing heat, which means you can cook for longer  periods of time while retaining a constant temperature (note that a small fire must still be maintained while cooking pizzas as the oven door is removed causing the oven to lose heat).
Typically there were three basic ways to insulate the oven base:

  • Ceramic Fiber Insulation Blanket 25mm thickness There are several problems with this form of insulation. The blanket is 25mm thick, when the clay brick cooking base is laid on top of the blanket the floor, because the bricks are only 25mm thick (no weight) becomes very spongy, loose and uneven causing problems when using the pizza peel, it tends to hit the lip of the bricks. More importantly there is the health issue of the ceramic fibers coming up through the gaps in the bricks and into your pizza.
  • Vermiculite When used in a loose form and poured onto the slab, the clay brick cooking base laid on top again becomes very spongy, loose and uneven creating problems with the pizza peel.
  • Vermiculite mixed in the concrete slab This has been the preferred method of Gourmet Wood Fired Ovens. When mixing concrete for the top slab, you pour a bag of vermiculite into the mixer. This method eliminates the problems mentioned above.

The new cooking base insulation is compressed to a thickness of 6mm, making it an ideal base to lay the clay brick cooking base and can be used as a template to cut your bricks. It eliminates the problems of spongy and uneven cooking floors, loose fibers and maximizes heat retention in your cooking base.
The base insulation has a working temperature of 1350c.

Why Gourmet Wood Fired Ovens?Pan mixer:
Mixing refractory castable is a high-tech process that requires a sophisticated mixer. A pan mixer has the capability to mix refractory materials using a minimal amount of water and time (approximately 3 minutes). As this refractory material dries rapidly, it is very important that the 200kg of refractory is mixed in one batch and vibrated to eliminate any air pockets that have the ability to store excess water. When the oven is fired, these water pockets heat up and turn to steam creating thermal shock, which may crack the oven.
Gourmet Woodfired Ovens invested in the latest model Pan mixer to guarantee quality Australian wood fired ovens.
By not using the correct mixer, the strength and durability of the refractory material is compromised.

Our stainless steel fascias are marine grade; the best quality available and made in Australia.

Service: We offer ongoing support from the selection of the pizza oven kits, installation, oven use and any relevant queries you may have; 7 days a week.
Our Ovens: The range comes in Do It Yourself Kits, portables, custom installed domestic or commercial and trailer mounted.