Wood Fired Oven FAQ

Q. How do I order one of your wood fired ovens?
* You can order online by filling in the order form. You may telephone your order, fax your order or mail it.

Q. How are your ovens shipped?
* All ovens are shipped on a pallet, with the fire bricks inside and insulation on top of the dome. The oven is wrapped in plastic, and then strapped.

Q. Are the ovens easy to install?
* Yes, the ovens are the simplest ovens to install on the market today. Technology has come a long way; we can now cast the dome in one piece, giving the oven added strength by having no joints. This is also an advantage when freighting the oven. Full instructions are given along with support while building the oven. The oven can be installed in 6-8hrs on day one with two coats of render. A third coat can be applied on day two.

Q. What else can be cooked in the wood fired oven?
* There are no limits to what can be cooked in a wood fired oven.  It will bake, roast, grill, smoke, dry, and stew. Everything that comes out of the oven has a superior gourmet taste.

Q. What is the importance of the insulation?
* Correct insulating has many positives – better heat retention, longer cooking time, less fuel used, and safe to touch on the outside.

Q. How many pizzas can be cooked at once?
* Three large pizzas can be cooked comfortably.

Q. What size base do I need for the oven?
* The minimum size – 1200mm wide x 1350mm long for the Gourmet pizza oven.
* The minimum size – 1200mm wide x 1300mm long for the Chef pizza oven.
*The minimum size – 1100mm wide x 1100mm long for the Master pizza oven.

Q. Can pizzas be cooked directly on the brick cooking base?
* Yes this is the ideal way to achieve a crispy base in a shorter cooking time.

Q. What type of wood should I use?
A. The timber selected should be free of paint, varnish, oil, untreated, etc… All timber should be seasoned; this will eliminate excess smoke and burn faster. To start the fire, pine is easy to ignite and burns quickly. Once started, hard wood native to your region should be used. Cut timber into lengths of 300mm-400mm and 150mm in diameter; small pieces burn quicker and produce more heat.

Q. How do you know when the oven is ready to use?
A. There are several indicators; when the dome has a stored temperature of 350°C the interior of the oven will turn grey. Move the fire to the side and sweep the floor. Throw a hand full of flour onto the centre of the oven floor. If it ignites and burns, then it’s too hot. The flour should brown within 10 seconds. This means you won’t burn your pizza base. To bring the oven temperature down, keep the door off. Mop the floor with a damp cloth or take some coal out, then try the flour technique again.

Q. Can I have my pizza oven outside without a cover?
A. The render on the oven dome must be sealed against the weather. The door must be left on when the oven is not in use and there must be a rain cap attached to the chimney flue. No water or moisture must penetrate the oven.

Q. What height should the cooking floor be?
* Ideally you should not be bending. A simple technique is to stand against a wall and measure the distance from your elbow to the ground. If different family members wish to cook at different times a good average height is around 1050mm. It is important to establish the height before installation.

Q. Is the oven safe to touch during cooking?
* The ceramic fibre insulation has a working temperature of 1350°C which means it is returning the heat back towards the oven. With the recommended amount of render, the exterior of the oven will be cold. We recommend 2/3 layers of insulation, which means less render is required, making the oven more efficient by storing more heat and burning less fuel.

Q. How long does it take to heat the oven to working temperature?
* Working temperature can be achieved in 40 minutes, providing the correct wood is used.

Q. How long does it take to cook a pizza?
* The secret of the Gourmet oven is the 32mm thick fire bricks. This acts like a battery and stores heat, making cooking time quicker and more economical. An average time when cooking one pizza is 3 minutes and multiple pizzas 3 to 4 minutes. This is using a thin base. If the cooking base fire bricks are 25mm or 32mm thick, they cannot store as much heat therefore cooking time will be considerably longer as the oven needs to generate more heat to recharge and store heat in the cooking base.

Q. Why a dome shaped oven?
* The internal design of the oven allows an even distribution of heat for a constant temperature and effective cooking. Calculated by the height and width of the door opening, the height and width of the oven; this dome formula is an antique formula that creates maximum heat and minimum wood use. This formula is so precise that the dome shape creates the same qualities as a fan forced oven.

Q. What is the difference between a brick oven and a one piece dome?
* A one piece dome has no joints that contract and expand, whereas a brick oven has many joints that contract and expand, allowing heat to escape and mortar to break down ending up in your topping.
The DIY installation is simplified with a one piece dome compared to a brick oven which requires trade skills and a longer period of time to install.
The one piece dome requires less handling when delivered, whereas a brick oven requires more physical labour for handling the bricks.