Brick Pizza Ovens

Brick Pizza Ovens

Brick ovens, also known as a masonry ovens or traditional ovens, are ovens with a baking chamber built of fireproof bricks.

Though traditionally wood-fired, today masonry ovens are often fired with natural gas or electricity. Modern masonry ovens are associated with brick ovensartisan bread and pizza, when using wood as fuel.

Brick Commercial Pizza Ovens: Gourmet Wood Fired Ovens builds hand crafted brick ovens for pizzerias, restaurants, bread and patisseries shops, mobiles, hotels, schools and universities, domestic, community gardens and councils .

Brick Pizza Ovens: Custom made tunnel brick ovens or dome brick ovens.  Contact us with your requirement for a quote.

Brick Pizza Ovens kits: Coming soontunnel-brick-ovens


The function of a masonry oven or brick ovens is to trap and radiate heat from a fire built within the oven itself; smoke is vented through the front of the oven, either directly to the outside or through a chimney immediately above the oven door. The more bricks mass the more heat will be stored and the longer the cooking is when used with appropriate insulation. Brick ovens are generally built with fire-resistant materials like firebrick with refractory cements and ceramic insulation to suit the usage of the oven designed.

Those designed for bread use are generally quite heavily built to store several hours worth of heat after completely burning a load of wood, while those designed for pizza or other live-fire cooking techniques can have thinner construction and higher roofs.

The use of firebricks is highly recommended by professionals as the bricks have been kiln fired to give them a high standard, meaning they can handle consistent firing at higher temperatures without cracking caused by expansion and contraction, which occurs through normal every day use.

  • Firebricks have a much better retention of heat; so less wood is used.
  • Firebricks will also release the heat more evenly and slowly for a more consistent cooking.
  • Firebricks are withstanding higher temperature and wont cracking or become brittle with time giving the oven longevity

Advantage of traditional brick ovens

  • The traditional brick ovens offer the client a wider choice and more flexibility as they are custom designed to meet the client’s needs. These can include larger pizza and bread ovens, roasting ovens in a variety of shapes, sizes and interior ceiling heights.
  • As the building of these ovens is an art form so too is the chef that uses these brick ovens. They offer the baker or chef a greatly increased consistency and reliability during cooking for a maximum efficiency
  • Brick pizza ovens design will be able to cook the perfect pizza in 60 to 90 SECONDS!
  • Bricks bread ovens will be able to cook UP TO 10 BATCHES OF BREAD with the same load of wood; making the oven super efficient !
  • There is a huge taste difference in breads, pizzas and meats that you cannot achieve in a gas or electric ovens when using a wood fired brick ovens and that is why artisan bakers and gourmet Chefs will use such brick ovens.
  • Fuel costs are greatly reduced while the efficiency at it maximum.
  • When the right materials when used in building a brick oven, you will have fewer problems in maintenance and repair and lifetime longevity of the oven.