Commercial Pizza Ovens

Gourmet Wood Fired Ovens builds hand crafted brick ovens for pizzerias, restaurants, bread and patisseries shops, mobiles, hotels, schools and universities, domestic, community gardens and councils .commercial-brick-ovens

We can make different size and shaped brick ovens to suit your needs. These can include larger brick pizza ovens and brick bread ovens, roasting brick ovens in a variety of shapes, sizes and interior ceiling heights.

These ovens are hand crafted from the latest refractory products all of which are stocked by Gourmet Wood Fired Ovens to guaranty increased consistency and reliability during cooking for a maximum efficiency for the artisan bakers, chefs and other food operators.

  • Brick pizza ovens design will be able to cook the perfect pizza in 60 to 90 SECONDS!
  • Bricks bread ovens will be able to cook UP TO 10 BATCHES OF BREAD with the same load of wood; making the oven super efficient !

We can fit thermocouples and thermometers ensuring the exact temperature you require giving consistent even temperatures, ensuring the best quality products.

The fuel used can be wood ,gas, or dual fuel depending on your requirements.brick ovens

We are more than happy to discuss your oven planning, we are experienced in building  bases out of brick, lime stone, block and cladding , steel frames.

Gourmet Wood Fired Ovens can build your oven on site or in our premises then transport and install.brick ovens

We are very flexible in our approach i.e. you may want to build the base or finish the oven with tiles, mosaics, steel surround, we can work with you to find the solution that pleases you our customer.

At Gourmet Wood Fired Ovens we look forward to discussing your needs visiting your site and advising on installation, flueing, decorating etc to achieve the best result and a happy partnership. Contact us