Wood Fired Pizza Oven Tools

Wood Fired Oven Tools

Wood Oven Tools Set

Special $99
This pizza oven tools set includes wooden peel to prepare the pizza, alum peel to place pizza inside oven, wire brush and scraper to clean and move embers and a pizza cutter.
*Aluminum Pizza Peel – 900 x 300 x 350 mm
*Wood Oven Wire Brush with Scraper – 980 x 110 x 55 mm
*Wooden Pizza Peel – 540 x 320 x 12 mm
*Pizza Cutter – steel wheel & plastic handle 240 x 100 mm
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Pizza Stonepizza stone

Pizza stone also called baking stone imitate the cooking conditions of a pizza oven by absorbing heat from the oven and allowing you to bake right on top of the heat source. Also when using the baking stone, the pizza or bread is cooked evenly, the moisture is adsorbed to create a crispy, crackling crust. Easy way to cook a pizza without the pizza oven! Note that we do not post them.
woodfired oven brush with scraper

Wood Fired Oven Brush

Pizza Oven Brush
The oven brush is made of brass wire with bristles. The steel blade scraper is affixed to solid wood.

Pizza Peel / Pizza Paddle

Aluminium Pizza Peel with wood handle, rectangle or round blade.
Wood Paddle handy to prepare the pizza and serve.
pizza cutter

Pizza Cutter

Pizza Cutter – steel wheel & plastic handle

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