Pizza Oven Brush

Wood Oven Brush / Pizza Oven Brush

woodfired oven brush with scraper Sizes: 980 x 110 x 55 mm Price: $45
This wood oven brush and scraper combination is perfect to keep your oven clean.
The oven brush is made of brass wire with bristles. The steel blade scraper is affixed to solid wood.
The oven brush is used to move the ashes when preparing your base before cooking and cleaning the oven.wood-fired-oven-brush
The scarper is handy for nudging or pocking logs.

Note: It is recommended to sprinkle the embers all over the cooking base 10 mm before placing the pizza or bread to guarantee an even heat on the base, then to brush them on the side when ready to cook.

Indispensable tool to have when cooking with a wood fired oven !