Pizza Stones

Pizza stones / baking stones

Size: 300 X 300 X  32 mm – Price: $ 20 each PICK UP ONLY
Size: 300 X 300 X  50 mm – Price: $ 30 PICK UP ONLY

Pizza stones also called baking stones are used in conventional ovens or BBQ to recreate the cooking conditions of a pizza oven. Baking stone working temperature applications up to 1350°C.

pizza stone Gourmet Wood Fired Ovens baking stones are made from the highest quality firebrick material that you find lining kilns, pizza oven cooking base or similar cooking appliances. The pizza stone is designed to replicate the cooking conditions of traditional pizza ovens cooking base to produce the crispy pizza crusts.
This firebrick material withstands thermal shock but also will absorb the heat from the oven, BBQ or similar cooking appliance allowing you to cook the pizza, bread and other directly on top the heat source.baking stone

By using the pizza stone the food will be cooked evenly and the moisture is absorbed to create the perfect crispy, crackling pizza base. Easy way to cook a pizza without the pizza oven!

Advantages of a pizza stone:

Pizza stones are designed for gas, electric, convection ovens, wood stoves and barbecue grills.
Gourmet pizza stone fit most oven and outdoor grill sizes and can be left in the oven to improve the cooking conditions.
The 300 x 300 mm is large enough for a family-sized pizza, bread, biscuits.
Pizza stones do not need cleaning just brush off excess crumbs.

How to use a pizza stone:

Do not wet the stone or wash it.
Pizza stone need to be heat up before cooking, heating time from 15 to 30 minutes depending on the type of oven.

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