Wood Fired Pizza Ovens for Sale and Specials

Wood Oven Tools Set:

Pizza oven tools set was $122 NOW $99 pizza oven tools
This set includes wooden peel to prepare the pizza, alum peel to place pizza inside oven, wire brush and scraper to clean and move embers and a pizza cutter.
*Aluminum Pizza Peel – 900 x 300 x 350 mm
*Wood Oven Wire Brush with Scraper – 980 x 110 x 55 mm
*Wooden Pizza Peel – 540 x 320 x 12 mm
*Pizza Cutter – steel wheel & plastic handle 240 x 100 mm

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Insulation Ceramic Blankets

Pizza Oven Refractory Blanket insulation2 Rolls of insulation blanket: Was $140 Now $120
$70 per roll 600 x 25 x 3600 mm
Efficiency with wood fired ovens is all about insulation! The blanket to insulate the dome keeps the oven safe (hot inside and cold outside) but also reduces the heating up time and prolongs the cooking time.

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Base Insulation Blankets

wood oven refractory base insulation 2 Bases insulation paper: Was $140 Now $120
Price: $70 per sheet 1200 x 1000 x 6 mm
By adding extra layers of base insulation you will increase the efficiency of the oven. The new insulation base stops the heat from transferring onto the slab and the cooking base from loosing heat.

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  • Affordable and 100% Australian made quality product
  • Ongoing help during installation
  • New formula mix with stainless steel reinforcing needles to improve thermal shock and mechanical shock resistance.
  • Product mixed in the latest refractory pan mixer
  • Safe and easy to use – hot inside & cold outside.
  • Uses wood economically
  • Delivered Australia and worldwide

What you need to buy : Chicken wire, normal render, sissalation or al foil and the final finish such as paint, tiles.