Slow Combustion Wood Stove Rocky Thermal

Slow Combustion Wood Stove Boiler Rocky Thermal $4995

The Thermo Rocky is a slow combustion wood cooking stove; that will cook, bake while keeping the room heated and has a boiler. Made in Europe and designed to meet the increasing demand for efficiency and environmentally friendly stoves as an alternative heat source for the home. CE Approved.
Thermo is a modification of the furnace heating stove; the main difference is the presence of the water circuit that is connected to a close water system.
Technical detailswood stove with boiler
▪ Weight (kg) 164
▪ Fuel: Wood / Coal / Briquettes
▪ Power to 25 / 17 (kW)
▪ Power given to water 16 / 9.4 (kW)
▪ Power given to room 9 / 7.6 (kW)
▪ Heatable volume up to 165/112 m²
▪ Boiler Volume 22 L
▪ Fume outlet Ø (mm) 150 right / left
▪ Colour: White / cream / brown /red
▪ Cooker size: (mm) H 850 x W 900 x D 600
▪ Oven size: (mm) H 270 x W 350 x D 470
▪ Firebox size: (mm) H 400 x W 290 x D 430
▪ Efficiency – wood / coal (%) 87/82

The cooker has four operating modes which are regulated using buttons for selection of operating mode and air flow regulation in the cooker.
Combined Mode – Used to simultaneously bake in the oven, cook on the plate and to heat the room.
Speed Cooking – When the plate is intensively heated; you can remove the hot plate to allow direct cooking on the fire for maximum heat.
Roasting – Using the baking oven
Heating – It will also heat up the room while cooking your dinner.
Boiler water circuit – The heat exchanger is already built into the design of the furnace, so you only need a plumber to connect it to a closed water system.

Save $$$ – Low fuel combustion stove, uses wood, coal or briquettes; renewable, low cost and environment friendly source of energy!

▪ The fire grate is made of cast iron, the firebox has a refractory lining and the external parts are made of steel sheets protected with enamel.
▪ The large cooking hot plate is made of 6 mm thick steel.
▪ Doors and glass are sealed with refractory cord.
▪ Temperature gauge on oven door
▪ The massive 480 x 870 mm top cooking plate allows 6 pots to fit.
▪ The oven is large and fitted with an enamel cooking tray.

Extras sold separately
Flues enamel black Ø 120 x 1000 mm length sold separately
Flue elbows black  Ø 120
Splash back matching oven colour $99

12 months Warranty – The Manufacturer MBS, founded in 1923 supplies 35 countries in accordance with requirements of standards ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001: 2004.
Australian / NZ distributor: Gourmet Wood Fired Ovens, 1078 Beaufort St Bedford WA 6052