Wood Stove MBS 3

Wood Oven Stove Cooker MBS3 $1295woods_stoves_cookers_heaters_MBS3

The MBS3 is a wood cooking stove; that will cook and bake while keeping the room heated. Made in Europe and designed to meet the increasing demand for efficiency and environmentally friendly stoves as an alternative heat source for the home. CE Approved

Technical details
▪ Weight (kg) 64
▪ Fuel: Wood / Coal
▪ Power up to 6.5 / 10 (kW)
▪ Heatable volume up to 43/66 m²
▪ Fume outlet Ø (mm) 120 right / left
▪ Colour: White / cream / brown /red
▪ Cooker size: (mm) H 740 x W 720 x D 570
▪ Oven size: (mm) H 200 x W 300 x D 400
▪ Firebox size: (mm) H 195 x W 200 x D 400
▪ Efficiency – wood / coal (%) 81/85
The cooker has four operating modes which are regulated using buttons for selection of operating mode and air flow regulation in the cooker.
Combined Mode – Used to simultaneously bake in the oven, cook on the plate and to heat the room.
Speed Cooking – When the plate is intensively heated you can remove the hot plate to allow direct cooking on the fire for maximum heat.
Roasting – Using the baking oven
Heating – It will also heat up the room while cooking your dinner.

Save $$$– Low fuel combustion stove, uses wood, coal or briquettes; renewable, low cost and environment friendly source of energy!
▪ The fire grate is made of cast iron, the firebox has a refractory lining and the external parts are made of steel sheets protected with enamel.
▪ The large cooking hot plate is made of  thick steel.
▪ The massive top cooking plate allows 4 pots to fit.

Extras sold separately
Flue enamel black Ø 120 x 1000 mm length sold separately
Flue elbow black  Ø 120
Splash back matching oven colour $99

12 months Warranty The Manufacturer MBS, founded in 1923 supplies 35 countries in accordance with requirements of standards ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001: 2004.
Australian / NZ distributor
Gourmet Wood Fired Ovens, 1078 Beaufort St Bedford WA 6052
Tel/fax: (08) 4719389 www.gourmetwoodfiredovens.com.au